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3: Recall

Seller: Jose Aguilar
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** Free for now: Major update coming within the next three months **

Meet Recall! Recall is an app to help you remember all of the people you meet in your day to day life. You can record details of a person as well as interactions you've had with them. The purpose is to allow you to look at what you've saved about someone right before you meet up with them, making you appear genuine and as if you have an incredible memory.

* Remember everyone you've met.
Recall allows you to remember all of the people you meet. This is great for those who meet a lot of new people or for those with many clients!

* It's all in the details.
You can remember details about people such as the company they work for, what position they hold, what projects they're working on, or something as simple as their favorite hobby or spouse's name. Make networking a breeze!

* What did we talk about last time we met?
With Recall you can take note of all the interactions you've had with a person allowing you to go back and read what you spoke of last. For example, John told me he was brokering a deal, I should ask him how that went.

* From where do I know Carol?
You can create groups to remember social circles. Create a group for work, college friends, and family!

* Trouble remembering faces?
Easily save a picture of anyone so you always remember what they look like.

We hope you enjoy Recall and if you do please give us a positive review!