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8 Minute Calisthenic Workout

Seller: Apps & CO AB
Price: FREE

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*** Introduction discount *** We introduce the 8 Minute Calisthenics Workout and give you 50% off.
If you liked to workout for 7 minutes you are going to love the 8 minute workout.
This is a full on 8 Minute Calisthenics Workout. No equipment, no science and nopromises, just a full on 8 minute workout!
Ten hand picked exercises done during 8 min, each exercise for 40 seconds with 8seconds rest between them.
Favored by the more experienced user but equally accessible to new users.
For those looking for more details, this calisthenics workout consist only of closedkinetic chain exercises done in all three planes of motion.
The app has a minimalistic and stylish interface with super cool graphics and filmed instructions.
This app and workout is designed and forged in the bright nordic countryside ofSweden.