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A Lover's Complaint:

Seller: Christopher Gross
Price: FREE

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This is the Confounded version of Shakespeare’s “A Lover’s Complaint”, originally published as a companion to his sonnets.

The Confounded is all about the words themselves—the rhythm, the feel of them. It wants you to pay attention to them, to see them in new ways. It wants to mix them up on the screen, confuse them, to give you focus and clarity and maybe something unexpected.

You can just watch the words come and go, or touch them in order, to prove you've been paying attention. Both ways have a number of variations—change the speed, have the words appear by beat or whole word, and more. There's even a switch to unconfuse the words, if the confusion is a bit too much.

But I like it best when the words are confused, there's more than one way they can go, and I get it wrong. I'm always amazed at how much better the poet's version turns out to be.