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A Pika's Tail

Seller: Carole Thickstun
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With animated watercolors and an engaging story, The Pika’s Tail introduces a rare rabbit of the high Western US mountain ranges—the pika. Moving sequences with detailed artwork introduce the pika species and his unique call sounds.
Through reading, coloring, puzzle-solving, and watching realistically-rendered videos, a child will learn the habit of the pika–where he lives, what he likes to eat and how they can report a sighting to a scientist.

--Created by educational professionals of the National Park Service and Grand Teton National Park

--Maze game

--Coloring pages that you can share via Facebook or email

--Information and link on how to share your pika sightings with research scientists

Written by Sally Plumb, who has spent most of her life in pika country. She grew up in Colorado and spent summers in Wyoming, where she grew to enjoy and respect the wildlife of the high mountains. Sally and her husband, Glenn, have worked as park rangers and raised three children in Grand Teton, Badlands, and Yellowstone National Parks. Sally is currently an educator for the National Park Service, working to engage citizens, especially children, in biodiversity and the discovery of living creatures in the parks.