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Activities and Priorities

Seller: Vadim Motorine
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Activities and Priorities (AAP) helps you to keep the highest productivity and health by balancing the life dimensions that need "training", like the athletes do, to keep their "energies" up: for example work, family and cardio. They are the activities in the physical, social, emotional, spiritual, occupational and intellectual sections of the wellness wheel.

AAP shows what activity is of the highest priority now and to what extent the activity is neglected or overdone.

In AAP you don't assign the priorities yourself. The most neglected activity has the highest priority and is in the top of the list. You see at a glance by emoji, colour and space shift what is more important to do now.

AAP does take time into account. If you spent no time for an activity its priority will gradually increase with the characteristic time of one week.

AAP does not requires from you to observe the strict schedule, however it does urge you to spend for the given activity the time that you planned to spend in a week.

You just enter approximately how much time you spent for the activity in a given day. It is no need to remember the exact value. Several minutes difference doesn't matter.

We believe that it is especially useful for busy persons who have many things to do and have to select and prioritise.