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A Discipleship Journey (ADJ) is a scripturally sound, proven and practical resource to aid followers of Jesus in the disciple-making process. ADJ provides you with a deliberate one-year formational journey resulting in real life transformation when used as a tool to apply the truths revealed in the scriptures to your life while walking in the context of other like-hearted followers. It also equips you with a resource to obey the command of Jesus to “make disciple” (Mt.28:18-20).
This tool can be adapted for use in one-on-one discipleship, as well as for use among leadership teams, small groups, men, women, young adults and youth. ADJ has been used effectively throughout various parts of the world and in many denominations and domains of society since 2004. It covers 12 topics core to disciple-making, with each session including a 12-15 minute video from Dave Buehring and a designated weekly study from ADJ – for a total of 60-90 minutes a week, for 48 weeks. The most effective use of this material combines personal study and reflection with a small group experience focused on obeying Jesus via life application of what is being learned.
Topics include:
•Knowing God
•A Call to Discipleship
•The Grace of God
•The Cross, Sin and Repentance
•Hearing the Voice of God
•The Disciple’s Disciplines
•Spiritual Warfare
•The Church in Acts
•Advancing the Kingdom
•Passion, Purpose and Giftedness
•Mentoring and Making Disciples
•Reflections on the Character of God