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Seller: Thomas Peter
Price: FREE

Download AirInChina free via AppsHawk.

If you live in Beijing / 北京, ChengDu / 成都, GuangZhou / 广州, ShangHai / 上海 or ShenYang / 沈阳 China and own an Apple Watch, this app is for you !! (AirInChina, Air in China)

It displays the US embassy or US consulate measurements of the Air Quality Index (AQI - air pollution level) on your Apple Watch clock face.

Please set AirInChina as one of your Apple Watch complications. In case of Modular clock face and multi colour setting, the AQI display colour will dynamically change according to pollution levels. (Other clock faces / colour settings will display in chosen fix colour scheme.)

AQI data will be updated automatically hourly whilst within network reception and updated readings are available on the internet.

This app offers:

on Apple Watch clock faces (that support complications)
- display current AQI reading
- dynamic colour change based on pollution levels (dependent on how you customised your clock face)
- 24h AQI history using TimeTravel (use the digital crown)
- deep press to refresh reading / re-download from internet

in Apple Watch App (Watch OS2.x only)
- display of current AQI and PM2.5 reading
- display of 24h AQI history

in iPhone app (iOS 9.x only)
- display of current AQI and PM2.5 reading
- 24h AQI history graph
- display of current reading as icon badge

Please note:

- This app is aimed at Apple Watch owners. iPhone App function is functional but basic.

- Please do not "kill" your iOS app (double press button and swipe up) as this will stop the automatic update of the readings in the icon badge

- AQI readings are free of charge available to you on You will also find explanation of the different AQI ranges on this site.

- This app replaces the following apps: AirInBeijing, AirInChengDu, AirInGuangZhou, AirInShangHai, AirInShenYang