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Amsler Grids

Seller: Konan Medical USA
Price: FREE

Download Amsler Grids free via AppsHawk.

Elegantly simple to use Amsler grid with uniquely flexible test types.

Three Test Types
-> white grid on black background
-> red grid on black background
-> black grid on white background

Three Test Options (each test)
-> Blind Spot Amsler
- courtesy of Dr. Terrance Waggoner
- simple monitoring of test distance to enhance consistency of testing over time
- featured on Macular Degeneration Foundation's website
-> Fixation diagonals
-> High resolution central area grid

Other Features
-> Eye selection (also displayed below grid)
-> Erase: single tap for erase current test, double tap for both eyes erase
-> Help: on-screen graphical help for controls and use
-> Save to iPad Images

What's new in Version 1.1
-> Now available as an individual app or as an in-app purchase with Chart2020 DUO
-> New icon and minor updates for iOS 8.

Simple to use but powerful clinical tools from Konan Medical. "See what you've been Missing."


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