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Download ApollonZik free via AppsHawk.

AppolonZik will transform your iPhone into a generator of quiz according to six (6) genre of music.

You have two ways to play, you can guess title of songs either by using lyrics or an extract of a song.
According to your choice of how to play, you will be suggested an extract of lyric or song randomly pulled from a list of 100 hits of the moment.

You will also have the option to play in a specific genre or have the questions shuffled from all the genres.

The different genres are:
- Reggae
- RnB
- Hip-Hop
- Rock&Roll
- Country
The rules of the quiz are simple; you will be giving 30 seconds to answer each question. For each extract of lyric or song shown or played, 4 multiples choice answer will be also displayed containing a title and artist name.

Every time you get a correct answer, one point (+1) will be added to your score. Every time you give a wrong answer, the extract of lyric or song will be replaced with a new one and a new set of answer.