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Appreciate Your Gifts

Seller: Kids Can Talk, LLC
Price: FREE

Download Appreciate Your Gifts free via AppsHawk.

Appreciate Your Gifts app comes with 2 options:

1. Word Game

Fun! Challenging and rewarding. My best time so far is under 30 seconds. Can you beat me? :)

2. Songs, books, and more!

This is a library of my books, songs, and programs. Enjoy reading my award-winning “My Escape To Freedom” and share with ELL friends (English Language Learners) my second award-winning book, “Learn English Without Teachers.”

Of course, I hope you will find joy in some of the poems in my collection of poems, “In Love,” and you will sing and dance to my tunes from “You Can Fly High In America.”

What you may find very interesting (and helpful to your family and friends) is the page about better speech for children – the Monkey page. I am so very proud of these songs and the effect they have had over the past years on children with speech delays or normally-developing kids. I have heard a story after story about how these songs help children with articulation, language, and vocabulary. Please visit the website I created just for these songs: and share this information, songs, and app with your family and friends who have or work with young children.

My greatest passion is speaking and being in front of audiences – to communicate how grateful I am for living in America, for being able to travel freely and for realizing some of my dreams! It all is possible because of freedom and possibilities we have here, in America!

So, please read about my programs, and if you need a speaker for your group we can arrange an inspiring program for your people.

Most sincerely,