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Arabic Eng Dictionary + Keys

Seller: Fawad Khan
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Download Arabic Eng Dictionary + Keys free via AppsHawk.

Arabic Keys Plus Dictionary is a precious gift for those who loves to write in Arabic & want to share in Arabic language.Its not just Keyboard but also a Dictionary (English to Arabic & Arabic to English).
User can search easily their desired words out of the millions words from the dictionary,The dictionary is offline database so no need of Internet for searching the meaning of the word.

Some of the main features of the application are:

1. Application is actually a local data base dictionary which does not need internet.

2. Application contains English to Arabic Dictionary with more than 1,00,000 words.

3. Application contains Arabic to English Dictionary with more than 1,00,000 words.

4. We have also text to speech feature in this app (user can listen their desired word both in Arabic & English).

5. Almost all the commonly used words of both languages e.g. The English and Arabic are available here in dictionary, however in case of any exception user may take support of built-in Translator within application to find meaning of new words but it needs internet to translate.

6. Application usage is easy, fast and user friendly.

7. There is built-In Search bar in both English and Arabic languages with Custom Arabic+English Keyboard to find your desirable word(s).

8. Local Data base is not bit much heavy and application is lightweight application with fast processing speed owing to local (e.g. not remote) processing.

9. It supports both orientation landscape as well as portrait.

10. User can copy the text and can paste it within app or outside of the app using our copy feature.

11. This application contains full alphabets of Arabic language and English so the user can use both languages at a time.

12. User can write email in Arabic and can send as well in Arabic language.

13. User can write text messages in Arabic and can send in Arabic language.

14. User can write Facebook message in Arabic as well as can update his/her status in Arabic as well.

15. User can update his/her Twitter status in Arabic as well.

16. User can send WhatsApp messages in Arabic as well.

17. User can search in Youtube in Arabic language as well as can search in Google as well.

18. User can translate Arabic text in to another language as well.

19. User can switch any time his/her keyboard from english to Arabic and from Arabic to english during writing message.

18. User can save the Arabic written text in his/her note list and favorite list as well.

20. User can search in Wikipedia in Arabic language.

21. User can set the font size according to his/her choice.

22. User can set reminder message (Alarm) in Arabic text as well.

Next version features

*****Add to favorite (User can add words and meanings in the favorite list).
*****User can save their notes in Dropbox,iCloud & Systems etc.
*****We will also include your suggestion changes in the next version.

We are trying our best to improve this application as much as possible but if some one want any changes or improvements than Please email us & if found any bug.
Our Email ID is, Your suggestion will be appreciated.