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Seller: Angus Moore
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AusEcon provides access to detailed economic data on the Australian economy for advanced users of economic statistics.

AusEcon is an easy-to-use interface to the ABS.Stat interface ( Any data available through ABS.Stat can be accessed in AusEcon. This includes: labour force, consumer price index and wage price index. (NB: Importantly, ABS.Stat does not have the national accounts).

AusEcon is designed for advanced users of ABS statistics, who know what they're looking for and want fine-grained control. Other users would likely be better off with the official Australian Bureau of Statistics app.

AusEcon is a third-party redistributor and is not affiliated with or endorsed by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

AusEcon is for informational purposes only. No guarantees are given that the data are correct. Users should check the official ABS release on the ABS website.

Please note: data are not usually available until some time after 11.30. AusEcon has no control over when data are loaded into ABS.Stat.