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Australian Learner Tests & DKT

Seller: Ion Brumaru
Price: FREE

Download Australian Learner Tests & DKT free via AppsHawk.

Drivio Australia offers an advanced test system to your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch offering 400 practice questions. With this application you will make progress more quickly than with any other traditional method, as you can take the tests wherever and whenever you want: at the bus stop, in the classroom, at work or at the dentist’s waiting room…!

The application is divided into the following sections:

# Road rules theory

You can study road rules theory and traffic sign of all Australian states including:
• New South Wales,
• QueenIsland,
• Victoria,
• Western Australia,
• South Australia,
• Tasmania and
• Northern Territory.

In this section you will learn about:
- Licence types
- Road safety
- Safe driving
- General road rules
- Traffic signs
- Penalties
- and much more.

# Practice:
Test your knowledge by practicing.
This section have 8 already prepared mock theory tests, all test are created based on 10 categories, these are:

- General Knowledge
- Alcohol and Drugs;

- Fatigue and Defensive Driving
- Intersections
- Traffic Lights / Lanes;

- Negligent Driving
- Pedestrians
- Seat Belts / Restraints;

- Speed Limits;

- Traffic Signs.

# Flashcards
This section contains 165 questions, that helps your to memorize better all theory questions. If you have doubts about your answer just tap on the card to see the right answer. Swipe left or right to see next question.

# Progress Monitor
The application saves the result of each test answered and a history of failures and successes. At the end of the test, you can check your answers and learn from your mistakes.


- No internet connection required once installed.

- Intelligent learning system.
- Easy to use interface with features including:
~ Road rules theory of Australian states

~ Test your knowledge with 400 questions

~ Statistics module to track and monitor your progress.
~ Flashcards