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Seller: Grzegorz Wroblewski
Price: 2.99

Download AY-Pong free via AppsHawk.

You need to feel how the first TV Game worked!

Classic pong - retro style TV Game on your mobile for one or two players.
Moving the bat using your finger on the left and right half of a screen.

Six outstanding games inspired by the AY-3-8500 chip family:

- Practice
- Squash
- Tennis
- Hockey
- Soccer
- Basketball


- Black and White, Gray or Color mode
- Fast/Slow Speed of the ball
- Large/Small Bat
- Autoserve On/Off
- Horizontal movement On/Off
- Dynamic and precise control of bats
- 5 angle zones for Large and 3 angle zones for Small bats
- Original, remastered sounds (Alerts and Ringer based volume)