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Baccarat road - bead

Seller: yan luo
Price: -1

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Baccarat bead road - support two three four five six six road under the road

This product can be called Baccarat Road single king, in addition to supporting the bead road, big eyes Road, path, Xiaoqiang Road (æ›± ç”´ (yueyou) Road); also support 2334 five beads, The arrangement of the players, it is important to reduce the manual arrangement of time-consuming and easy to make mistakes.

Have the following functions.
1, save and read the road single function.
2, you can delete the road order and modify the road name.
3, can be in the next three, 333 beads Road, 342 beads Road, 5 beads and 6 beads between the interface switch.