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Basic Emulator - Game Programming

Seller: Pix Arts
Price: 2.99

Download Basic Emulator - Game Programming free via AppsHawk.

Sprite Basic is an emulator / interpreter that brings you the simplicity of the basic programming language and a simple way to learn and develop video-games leveraged by the most advanced techniques to date

It features :
-All the standard commands/instructions of the basic programming language, perfect to learn coding
-Over 100 commands and functions including over 30 sprites functions for manipulating them, their collisions, their physics, sprites being the heart of Sprite Basic.
-An highly performing editor, with syntax highlighting, dynamic font sizes, undo/redo, copy/paste
-It is backed by the Best Physical Engine of all time, Box 2D (copyright Erin Catto), already used in smash hits like Angry Birds (copyright Rovio) for example
-a logging window with freeze/step by step options for easy debugging
-48 shading sprites effects added in a single command
-sound fx/music support
-virtual joystick and fire/action buttons, multitouch detection, gyroscope
-integer/float/string/images objects/sound objects/sprite objects/ mulch-dimensionnal arrays of all those types
-iterated lists of objects for best code efficiency
-global/local variables, user defined methods allowing recursion
-70MB of highly compressed assets (images/sounds) perfect to get you started with your own games (350MB of assets uncompressed)
-many user interface functions, math functions including trigonometric functions