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First of all, Thank you to everyone who has downloaded and patronised my early Baybayin apps (i.e. Baybayin Plus and Baybayin Daub), especially those who provided me feedback and inspiration to do more apps for Baybayin. You guys rock!

And so here it is! This is an app for Baybayin that allows you to post Baybayin stuffs to Twitter and Facebook to let everyone else, through social media, know the once proud scripts that our ancestors have built our beautiful archipelago with.

Let's revive the ancient Filipino scripts used in the Philippines before Spanish Colonization. Support the preservation of Filipino history, and keep our ancient scripts alive.

About the app ( I tried to make this app as easy to use as possible). So here's how to use it.

1 - Most likely you will start by tapping on text view item on the top of the app. This will allow you to key-in words and phrases to translate or add to the canvas (the white rectangle that covers most of the app)
2 - You can change the color of the text to Blue, Yellow, Red, and Black. Select the color button on the top left before adding the text to reflect your choice of color
3 - On the left pane there are several buttons. These buttons allows you to either add the normal text you typed, a baybayin text, or a baybayin text with syllable equivalent on the bottom.
4 - There is also a button to add images from a camera or you photo library.
5 - And then there's the button to share to Facebook and Twitter (make sure it's installed in you phone)
6 - And then theres the button for help and undo.
7 - Once everything is on the canvas, I would encourage you tap on your creative side and create arts with baybayin. Be it be some with a picture with a baybayin poem or some phrases of inspiration, etc.
8 - You can resize, and rotate the images and text on the canvas by pinch or panning gesture (use 2 fingers at least)
9 - You can also adjust the size of the canvas by pinch gesture. This feature allow you to adjust the photo size you post to twitter or Facebook. Remember the app only post items that are within the frame of the canvas. So play around with it and let me know.
10- This version is sort of a modern Baybayin translation. So it does support pretty much all English alphabet through the plus subscript. This as well supports the separation of "e" and "i", and "o" and "u". But For better translation, please avoid editing the translated Baybayin. And it is still better to use filipino words.

I hope you like this app. Salamat and Mabuhay!

A few background:
- The app icon: This designed from one of the revolutionary flags of the Philippines in hope that somehow this can start a revolution of thoughts towards our own history.
- The font: I designed this font from the Baybayin Plus font that I used on my other apps. This time, I still preserve the (+) as acceptance or our Christian history. But I used as well crescent signs and circle for the kudlit codes. This is as a respect as well to our Muslim history (crescent moon). And the big solid circles to signify the other indigents of our archipelago.