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BidBox Tennis Drills

Seller: BidBox, LLC
Price: FREE

Download BidBox Tennis Drills free via AppsHawk.

Practice with the BidBox Tennis Drills app to take your game to the next level.

Great tennis is built on a foundation of solid groundstrokes. The fewer errors are made, and the more winners are hit, the higher the odds of winning a match.

This simple strategy relies on having dependable strokes acquired through practicing your skills.

The BidBox Tennis Drills app will help you shape your game to win more matches.

Practicing each drill for 20-30 minutes will result in improvements to your game that are immediately noticeable.

Each drill is designed by a teaching pro to maximize the consistency of the player and to improve their fitness level to match their skills.

This app has a wealth of drills that will help you develop skills to be prepared for every situation.

Choose from two approaches to develop your skills.

1) If you know the type of skill that you would like to practice choose the 'Drills' section of the app to select a specific drill.

Choose from the following selection:
- Groundstrokes
- Volley
- Service
- Overhead
- Return
- Dropshot
- Lob

Refine your drill further by selecting the direction and distance of your shot.
Once you have selected s specific drill press the start button to see an animation of your drill. Practice this drill as shown in the animation for 20-30 minutes.

2) If you prefer being guided through a sequence of drills designed by a leading teaching pro, choose the 'Sequences' section of the app.

Start with Session 1, Drill 1 for your level of play. Practice each drill for 20-30 minutes before moving on to the next drill. Complete all six drills in each session before starting the next session.

Once you complete all sessions for a level keep going back to Session 1, Drill 1, until you feel comfortable with each stroke for this level. Only then move on to the next level.

When you complete all levels, start over with the 'Beginner' level. These drills should now be easy for you to do. Keep in mind, the more you practice all your shots the better your game will become.

The BidBox Tennis Drills app is designed to help improve all levels, from beginner to professional players of all ages.

Whether you would like to beat your next door neighbor or become the worlds number one tennis player, BidBox Tennis Drills app will help you get there.

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