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Black Jacked - Build better decks for your WOD.

Seller: Rotblauer, LLC
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Download Black Jacked - Build better decks for your WOD. free via AppsHawk.

// The Deck: a wicked, awesome, and ultra-flexible WOD.

// How does a deck-of-cards WOD work? -->

Assign each suit in the deck to a single movement with optional modifications. The cards' rank determines repetitions. Then...

Start flipping!
Finish (whew!)
Catch your breath.
Drink a chocolate milkshake.

// About Black Jacked -->

The app is designed to be as simple and as flexible as possible, so that you can easily build, use, and track great WODS with it - without being hassled by ads, the internet, or bugs.

// What's in the box -->

The app comes with some built-in libraries designed by a certified CrossFit coach which you can add to, modify, or replace, as you see fit (get it?!) - including:

- 17 handbuilt (and battle tested!) deck WODS
- 33 movements (pull ups, sit ups, push ups... )
- 14 mods (body armor, strict, weighted... )

// What's not in the box -->

The internet. Your WOD and log data is stored locally, and only available to you, which saves on battery and keeps things simple. But be advised: if you delete the app, your data will go along with it!

// Built by crazy people for crazy people -->

Built, tested, and used by a CrossFit coach and her uncertified but equally nuts twin brother.

// We love feedback -->

Wish the app could do something it can't yet? Send us an email at and we'll be in touch about incorporating your suggestions in the next update.