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BloodPlay - An Educational Adventure

Seller: iMagine Machine Israel LTD
Price: FREE

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Greetings, scientists! You’ve been gathered here today because you’re the greatest minds in your field and are needed for an important experiment – you must pilot a viral cell!

The human body is a well-defended place, Doctor, but there is a lot that can get through its barriers. Avoid all the good cells, and infect that body!

BloodPlay® turns the journey of a virus through a human body into a colorful voyage of learning. As you float past the white blood cells and fatty deposits that would impede your progress, you’ll learn everything your own body has at its disposal to keep out harmful viruses!

As you collect sugar and salt to build up your virus’ power, you can morph your humble CORONA virus into the terrifying HEPATITIS C, the horrifying INFLUENZA and even the monstrous HIV!

Red Blood Cells – Sailors of the Heart!
White Blood Cells - Battlers of Infection!
Fats – The Energy Stockpile!
Protein – The Makers of Muscle!
All these valiant guardians AND MORE!

Take this option for a visual tour of the cells of the human body – the functions of each of part what makes you tick will be explained to you as you watch them float by.

Pilot that virus! Using the left and right sides of your touch screen, steer your chosen infection past the gauntlet of biological obstructions that would stop your poisoning mission.

BloodPlay® is a fun and challenging educational game for all ages. Download it now and join us on a fantastic microscopic journey!