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Bluetooth Scanner Raw

Seller: Casey Anderson
Price: -1

Download Bluetooth Scanner Raw free via AppsHawk.

Bluetooth Scanner Raw is the only iOS scanning app with raw Bluetooth packet live-streaming, similar to the popular network tool "Wireshark".

Discover all Bluetooth Low Energy data broadcasting from smart phones, beacons, health trackers, Fitbits, and more. You will gain unrestricted access to Bluetooth data, scannable by iOS, in its pure raw form. Data packets are neatly organized by color coding and displayed on a single screen; hacker aesthetic included. This powerful utility is a "must have" for those wanting to explore the inner-working of Bluetooth Low Energy protocol, debug Bluetooth devices, reverse engineer, or to simply become aware of the hidden information being transmitted nearby.


â—† Real-time packet data sniffing
â—† Discover hidden devices
â—† A simple scrollable data stream with large history
â—† Reverse engineer Bluetooth device communications
â—† Observe patters in device data
â—† Clipboard support
In the Future:
â—† Auto resolve company names using Bluetooth SIG online registry
â—† Filtering on a single Bluetooth device


Each Bluetooth BLE packet starts with:
[ xxxx: ] - Last 4 digits of Bluetooth device UUID (iOS generated)
[ RSSI ] - Received Signal Strength Indicator, UNK = Unknown

Then can contain any of these AdData Structures:
[ TX ] - Device’s Transmit Power Level (Integer)
[ CON ] - Connectable (Boolean)
[ NAME ] - Local Name (String)
[ UUID ] - Service UUIDs found in advertisement and Scan Response data - (GUID)
[ SRV ] - Service Data (Hex bytes)
[ MFR ] - Manufacturer Data (Hex bytes)