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Download BlushnBrush free via AppsHawk.

blush 'n brush is a new and innovative way to save your cosmetic choices on your iPhone.

The blush 'n brush application is designed for iOS devices. Simply scan the barcode of your make-up and assign it to an image of your face.

No More:

What did I forget to purchase?

What's in my cosmetics drawer?

What did I look like at Paul and Sally's wedding?

Here's how easy it is to create your Look!

With blush 'n brush you just select your skin tone to start your Look. blush 'n brush remembers you skin tone for any Look you create going forward. Don't worry, if you get it wrong you can always change it.

Next just select an area of your face from the picture, select a product type to add to that area and scan the barcode of the product to add it to your look. Store a picture of your face or add additional information about the event or who did your look for you!

You can recreate your look at any time by listing the products, where they get applied, and what the end result looks like. It's easy!