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Bob and the Relatively Angry Giant Penguin

Seller: Walkie Entertainment LLC
Price: FREE

Download Bob and the Relatively Angry Giant Penguin free via AppsHawk.

Bob and the Relatively Angry Giant Penguin is a cartoon you can "walk around" in, or a Walkieâ„¢. The app combines reading with exploring a colorful cartoon island world containing over 50 characters who speak in comic book style speech bubbles. It is a great alternative to games for kids.

Follow Bob to discover how he saves the island from a very large bird, but also follow other characters to discover the many other stories happening at the same time. Tap to follow a character on a helicopter and you will fly. You can look around by dragging the screen, and you can move around the world by pressing and holding. You can play, pause, fast-forward & rewind the world while you are in it. Tap the screen at the top or bottom to get the time controls.


• Its not a game. Its a story world. The main activities are exploring, reading, and listening to music!
• This app is designed for newer iPads. For best performance, view on iPad Air, iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2, or iPad Mini 3 or newer.

Very simple to use:

• Tap any character to follow
• Drag screen to look around
• Press and hold to move around
• Tap near top or bottom to show the time controls

Bob and the Relatively Angry Giant Penguin was created by Walkie Entertainment LLC, a virtual reality screenwriting and production company, developing techniques, tools, and software to allow an author to write screenplays for fully scripted, navigable worlds. Visit us on the web at and on Facebook at