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Bright Kids (ru/en)

Seller: Olena Yepanova
Price: FREE

Download Bright Kids (ru/en) free via AppsHawk.

"Bright kids (ru/en)" is not just a title, the unique App (iphone/ipad) will make your kid's eyes enjoy, his brain work and his soul play.

What's inside?
- 30 categories with 20 flashcards in each;
- Every card is sounded;
- Four entertaining games to consolidate new knowledge.

For who is this App?
- For kids aged from 1 to 4 years;
- For children of any age or adults learning english and willing to master the main vocabulary groups easily and efficiently.

What makes the App unique?
- Light intuitive design;
- Best selection of high quality bright photos;
- Professional sound;
- Entertaining games and assignments capturing kid's attention.

Using "Bright kids" develops your child's:
- brain;
- memory;
- logic;
- knowledge;
- taste;

Just give it a try and the quality will speak for itself!