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Seller: Robert Sasak
Price: FREE

Download BrowSync free via AppsHawk.

BrowSync is a client app which in combination with the BrowSync Chrome Extension allows to synchronize browsing on desktop and ios devices. It allows you to view pages from your desktop machine on your ios testing device.

You can install this app on all of your ios devices (both mobile and tables) and make your testing more efficient.

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How to use it?
- install a chrome extension from
- choose a secret passphrase which will be used to pair your extension with app
- type the passphrase to both the extension and the app
- activate the extension for the selected tab by clicking on its icon on the toolbar
- start browsing and see the same pages showing in the app

BrowSync is a helpful tool for all developers and designers who like to see their changes on real devices instantly by hitting the reload button.