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Buckit - The Craft Beer Value Calculator

Seller: Bestaurant LLC
Price: FREE

Download Buckit - The Craft Beer Value Calculator free via AppsHawk.

At Buckit, we really like craft beer. We want at least one craft beer in our hands at all times. The biggest barriers to getting craft beer from keg to hand to mouth are the voluminous beer menus that you now find at your favorite pubs. What can be done to make sense of these gigantic lists of tantalizing beers?

Enter the Buckit app. We want to illuminate the best value on the drink menu through our beer value calculator. At Buckit, value = high ABV beers in large glasses for very little money.

Use Buckit to enter the price, ABV and volume of your options and a Buckit beer value score will be returned. Use the compare tab to find the best value among your choices. Finally, if you really like your selection, save the beer and location to your Buckit List so you remember it for next time.

Drink great beer and save some cash so you can drink more great beer. That's a formula that everyone can get behind.

We really love beer, but we love great causes too. One Tail at a Time is an unbelievable organization that brightens the lives of both dogs and humans on a daily basis. In an effort to give back to a group that does so much giving of its own, we're going to give 50 cents of over 99 cent download directly to One Tail at a Time for the first 60 days the app is live.

I encourage you to take a close look at all the great work that One Tail is doing.

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