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CAR COST UNIVERSAL: Any units and currencies

Seller: Bjorn Sjoblom
Price: FREE

Download CAR COST UNIVERSAL: Any units and currencies free via AppsHawk.

This is an educational and easy-to-use app for calculating the TOTAL ANNUAL COST of a new car during its entire lifetime. Loss in value, depreciation, is treated with special care because it accounts for about 50 % of the total cost! You can pay your car in cash or take a loan. Any currency can be used - you get out what you put in. You can also choose between your preferred units (Imperial, Metric or US) and you can save your calculation cases.

The app provides you with:

- Trade-in value estimates for your car during its entire lifetime at any mileage
- Total costs due to wear, including timing of replacements
- A complete set of data for your loan
- A method to fine-tune your loan term
- Total annual costs for your car 12 years ahead, including both ACTUAL PAYMENTS and TRUE COSTS over your period of ownership
- A detailed set of data at YEAR FIVE for buying option comparisons

The app is a useful tool for:

- True understanding of owning a car, and taking a loan
- Understanding the interconnection between amortization and loss in value
- Finding the optimum time for buying your next car
- Planning a car purchase
- Real-time assistance during negotiations with your car dealer
- Assessing a lease agreement