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Seller: SZS Consultants LLC
Price: FREE

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CareGiverInfo organizes and maintains personal and medical information for an unlimited number of individuals while minimizing data entry time.
Based on Apple’s latest voice generation and recognition technologies CareGiverInfo performs verbal communication with the user to achieve high speed data entry operations.
Since most people do not like to take the time to type with a keyboard all the required information CareGiverInfo has two key features that deal with this issue. One is that it communicates with the user by verbally requesting specific information and accepts all inputs verbally. In effect it verbally communicates with the user to get all the desired data. After each specific reply the user is requested to say “DONE” and that automatically advances the program to verbally request the next required information. The second feature designed to minimize data entry is that CareGiverInfo uses Apple's AirDrop to enable the copy of a person’s information from one iPhone to another using WiFi communication.