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Circle of death

Seller: Cuby Mercado
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Gone are the days when a deck of cards were needed to kill boredom while travelling or hanging out. If you want to have fun in style it's time to play our version of the mighty drinking game aka. circle of death, ring of fire, king's cup or however you like to call it on your part of the world.

The Saint Grail of fun has arrived to your smartphone and it's here to stay

We haven’t changed a thing just increased the fun and simplicity of the great drinking game by adding amazing new rules and cards so you can enjoy your night the most!

Sounds awesome right?

All you need to do to play is tap on the deck to draw a card and proceed to do what you have to do. Forget about remembering the rules all the time and fighting about what the cards mean. Each card has graphics, a title and a brief explanation of every single rule so everybody knows what to do! There's no time to waste when having a good time...

Circle of death's features:

- Full screen layout
- One tap game (tap on the screen to draw cards)
- A mix of the best Kiwi, Aussie, Canadian and American rules
- Amazing new rules
- Cool cards with dares explained
- No card numbers (like poker playing cards)
- Rules page for those who don't know how to play
- Skux amazing graphics
- A guaranteed over the top time

Do you need anymore reasons to download the best drinking game ever invented?

That's what we thought ;)