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Clash of Dragmon: Origin

Seller: Huangxin Chen
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Welcome to Clash of Dragmon: Build your defenses, make your battle plan, or you will lose!

Clash of Dragmon is a RTS+SLG mobile game with a global server. In this epic battle strategy game, you will have to use your wisdom to defend the evil forces who covet the throne. Attack enemy allies, liberate the enslaved people, solve the various mysteries and strange phenomena that come with it. Build the leagues with the players all around the world, battle against the evil forces together. Scout, plan, and destroy them once and for all!

Game Features
※Massively Multiplayer Online PVP Battle.
1. Play with millions of players together, raid thousands of enemy villages and collect the trophies!
2. Stunning 3D graphics, experience the most real, the most hot-blooded strategy game based on the Chinese ancient myth.

※Epic Ancient Battlefield, Legendary Battle, League Campaign
1. Enter the fantastic battle map, conquer the strongest lord in other server, gain your glory!
2. Assist your reliable allies and build an impregnable defense. Assemble your strongest companions and unleash your unstoppable attack!
3. Explore the huge mysterious land and discover the dragon scales and dragon crystals. Win abundant rewards by completing events!

※Become the Leader
1. Attack enemies’ temples, raid them resources, conquer the league campaign with your allies, become the king to rule the land!
2. Promote your faithful companions, increase their attributes; inflict the most cruel blows on the enemy, decrease their state!

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