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Clash of Seas

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n the global "Island Hegemony" mobile game, it is possible to stage an attack and defense battle on the island that stimulates brainburn. Start a piece of land, with the addition of various Q Meng characters, open the arms collection and rich PVE and PVP play, more distinctive goddess system and epic sea war game to bring you the most pure island adventure!

Global service, defending the territorial masters
"Island Hegemony" has opened up a grand global service model, allowing domestic tactical masters to achieve a positive confrontation with overseas players. It is also possible to create squads with island owners around the world to fight against the enemy. Scout, plan, and bomb the beach!

Burning brain checkpoints
The art of warfare is "the impermanence of the soldiers, the water is not normal", and the tactical presentation of "Islandic Hegemony" will make you hooked. There are more than 200 different map levels, all kinds of difficulty challenges, and never give any chance to win. There is no crushing in "Islandic Hegemony". If you strengthen your strength and do not use all kinds of routines, it will only be a dead end. So how can we win? Quickly open the brain hole!

Build troops and expand the land
Train your arms and keep upgrading! Try a variety of unique tactics with different combinations of arms! Building your own independent island, the different styles of the various buildings on the island will also become the fortifications when defending the territory. It’s time to give the invaders on the island a slap in the face!

Fun and welfare
Continuous login seconds lead rare resources, hold live the audience, easy sister; high-level arms, goddess easy to unlock ~ daily activities to get massive blood diamonds, help the island master hegemony ~

Alliance construction, sailing and expansion
The alliance system of strategy games can also be so exciting! The alliance system of "Islandic Hegemony" is not a simple set of players, but also closely related to the game process. The three levels of gameplay assistance, speed-up completion and alliance red envelope distribution make the alliance full of warmth and care, making your island unbreakable.