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Contacts by Company

Seller: Contacts by Company, Inc.
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Organize Contacts the Same Way Your Brain Does

Contacts by Company introduces a new feature that allows you to create both "People" Groups as well as "Company" Groups. Company Groups ONLY contains companies. People Groups ONLY contain people. No more scrolling through endless list ...

In addition to the "normal" contacts view, Contacts by Company merges the information to create a whole new view ... A Company View that shows all the people who work at each location right there on the same screen with the Company info.

Company Groups can be things such as Architects, Designers, Engineers, or have Groups for various cities such as Seattle, Chicago, New York. Group Companies by Product category, etc. Whatever fits your needs.

People Groups function much like a typical contact app. You can create Groups of People such as Favorites, Family, Friends or Services.

Setting up Companies is easy. Simply select the Company tab and click the + button. Enter the contact info for a company location. To add contacts click the "Contacts" button. Choose from the pop up to either enter a new contact or select from a pop up menu of all your people contacts. A simple check of the box next to each person on the pop up list will add them to that company. This is a FAST and EASY way to add multiple people to a given company.

Push syncing keeps your iPhone and iPad up to date anytime you are connected to wi-fi or cellular service.

And yes ... a macOS version is in the works

We are Really Excited about the Major Update Coming .... Can't Wait to Share it With You!