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Control - For Orienteers

Seller: Petri Tilli
Price: FREE

Download Control - For Orienteers free via AppsHawk.

Control is an app for orienteerers. It is the perfect app for keeping track of your orienteering courses and analyzing them. It allows you to record a track in the app (iPhone & Apple Watch) or import your existing track from a gpx file.

You can display the track on top of any map image you add to the app. Either import an image file from a scanner or take a picture right in the app, then calibrate and adjust the track. You can browse through your course, see the pace, HR, altitude along the way.

While you can share your track image with your friends, this app is made for you and your data is yours privately, data is not shared to any third party, ever.

You can also enable iCloud syncing which enables you to see your courses on all your devices.

With Control Apple Watch app you can track a route by carrying only your watch. You can mark controls as you pass them. Afterwards, when you get back to your iPhone, the track is automatically synced to the iPhone app and to all your devices with iCloud.

Other Control for Apple Watch features:

- HealthKit integration
- Showing Heart Rate doing run
- Displays the current GPS signal strength