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Crane Qualified App

Seller: Michael Brown
Price: FREE

Download Crane Qualified App free via AppsHawk.

Download a free trial of The Brown Book Plant & Machinery Operator App today! With employers
increasingly demanding verification of competence and experience to create safe and productive
workplaces, it is incumbent upon operators to have an easy to access record of their work history.

The Brown Book Plant & Machinery Operator App has been developed to enable operators of any
type of plant & machinery to record their work history and have it signed off on the spot. The ability
to record work tasks as and when they occur makes maintaining valuable records to improve job
prospects easy.

Download a free trial and start capturing records of work experience, including;

- Time of operation
- Machine type, size
- Any attachments
- Tasks carried out
- Site Location
- Company details
- Signed off by management
- Photo upload of Crane or Mugshot
- Record VOCs
- Can be used for any Machine type
- Does not need internet
- Email, Print, Save

Step 1 simply fill in the boxes, the name and details of the company you are currently working for
and store for future reference. You can even collect digital signatures directly within the app itself.

Step 2 export records in PDF that can be stored, e-mailed or printed on demand.

The Brown Book Plant & Machinery Operator App allows operators to chase the top jobs with the
confidence that they can produce a signed off record of every job they have worked on.

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