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Seller: Apps From Outer Space, LLC
Price: FREE

Download CryptoQuote free via AppsHawk.

If you love it in the newspaper, you’ll love it even more in a format you can access any place, any time. In this popular game, each letter is replaced with a different one. Your challenge is to decode the puzzle and figure out the quote. You can work at your own pace or compete against other players in a Daily Speed Challenge. CryptoQuote will show you conflicts such as attempting to use the same solution letter twice.

* More than 2000 carefully selected quotes, plus a new Daily Challenge Puzzle each day
* Custom keyboard to see the entire puzzle
* Share puzzles or quotes with others
* Quote of the Day widget
* Create your own puzzle or enter one from a newspaper
* Letter frequency tool
* Word search tool
* Physical keyboard support

Great if you like: Sudoku, Crossword puzzles, word search, cipher, encryption, code solving and decoding.