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dAmnMobile for DeviantArt

Seller: Aaron Pearce
Price: -1

Download dAmnMobile for DeviantArt free via AppsHawk.

dAmnMobile is the only way to get onto the DeviantArt chat network. With dAmnMobile 3, you can once again chat on the go.

A minimalistic interface brings dAmn to you wherever you are. With the ability to easily tab other chatters, autocomplete emotes, view user lists and more, dAmnMobile offers it all.

Key features now include:
• Username and emoticon autocompletion, type @ for users and : for emotes!
• Notifications on being tabbed while running and while in the background.
• Animated emote support and great thumb viewing.
• Great new user interface and icons to easily navigate with.
• Connections to dAmn will stay open for three minutes while the app is in the background and warn you before they close!