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Digital Alcohol Tracker - Your Pocket BAC Meter

Seller: TheBudAdams LLC
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Download Digital Alcohol Tracker - Your Pocket BAC Meter free via AppsHawk.

Alcohol Tracker is designed to help you track your Blood Alcohol Content (B.A.C.) while you're out having a good time. Our exclusive BAC meter uses the data you log into the app to determine how long you have before your body is clear of intoxication.

By creating a profile - including your sex, height and weight. Our algorithm carefully calculates your personal BAC level as you continue to drink more alcoholic beverages over time. You can select between, beer, liquor and wine - entering the ABV level as well as the amount in your serving.

We have carefully calculated using scientific data to make this tool as accurate as possible! If you have any questions, please visit our website:

Please drink responsibly! We do not condone drinking and driving, always have a designated driver.

DISCLAIMER: This app's calculations should not be used to determine a user's ability to drive! We are not literally testing your BAC level, but simply making calculations as a guide. Check your local laws regarding BAC and driving requirements.