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DOOL (Minimalist Ideation Browser)

Seller: Diwudada Inc.
Price: FREE

Download DOOL (Minimalist Ideation Browser) free via AppsHawk.

DOOL, an elegant minimalist ideation browser has never been more beautiful and easy to use. It’s stargazing nice for all thinkers and designers!

Its new semi transparency and layering feeling, as an app for the Days Of Our Lives, with this innovative, unique multi-tasking web browser, study, work and play just became a whole lot more fun. You can annotate your thoughts on the decent webpage you are browsing and sharing it with others.

We have an iPad version which is optimized for the bigger screen. Search "DOOL" on iPad then you'll see it!!

With the click of a button, an colorful information menu will pop up, bringing you Business News For Entrepreneurs, Innovation and Design Trends, Financial & Economic News,and some Most Popular Websites, and everything in between from the largest corporate media outlets to the tiniest independent blogs.
Best of all, DOOL is designed to be easy to use so that you can read, think and sketch during rush hour, on your lunch break, just before bed, or any time and place you choose.