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DoReMi with Piano

Seller: Duan Luu Xuan
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DoReMi with Piano is the app that i created for my daughter. She's 6 years old now, she's learning to play piano and she still doesn't remember all notes in a sheet music for both Treble (Sol) and Bass (Fa) clefs. With the app, i can easily check if she play music notes right or not without her teacher.

Hope this app is also useful for you to learn to play piano with your children. :)

Features of the app:
â–ª Map a music note in a sheet music to the corresponding Piano key.
â–ª Map each Piano key to corresponding music notes in a sheet music.
â–ª Switch between Treble and Bass clefs.
â–ª Play background music while the app is active.
â–ª Emit a note voice when the user taps a music note or a piano key to inform what the note is.
â–ª Provide settings for turning on/off background music and note voices.