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Dragons of Midsummer Twilight:The Knight Returns

Seller: India Denisa Collins Carrasco
Price: -1

Download Dragons of Midsummer Twilight:The Knight Returns free via AppsHawk.

It's a epic offline rpg game about ANCIENT DRAGON! If you like pixel style game, you will like this! Pay once and play!

After a long time of peace, the ANCIENT DRAGON invade our fortress again! Defend our fortress and defeat the ANCIENT DRAGON!

**Over 100 dragons and each dragon had 5 skill types! It is an imaginative dragon world and you can hatch so many cute dragons!
**Build your dragon fortess,fill it with farms,blacksmiths,watchtower,dragon dens' and technology research etc.
**Collect gold,wood,iron and food to upgrade your knights and structures.
**Make research on the dragons,master the technologies about dragon evolution and domestication,breed them and make them stronger!
**Explore the dungeon to hatch the dragon eggs and train them! They are your allies.
**Collect the rune pieces and mana potion to evolve your dragons. They will become more and more lovely!
**Get more achievements to acitviate the hidden title.Of couse you can get many rewards!
**DO NOT forget to defeat the ANCIENT DRAGON,with the help of these cute dragons!

Enjoy the game!!!!!!!!