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Drinking Game ·

Seller: Perica Glavas
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Welcome to 2 Tipsy, a cool party game where you get to test your skills and compete against your friends!
This drinking game and party game comes with 3 game modes, Get Warm, Tipsy and Extreme. Each one of them has its fair share of challenges and you will get to test yourself!
How can you play?
You just choose one of the game modes, the amount of players and then one of the things you have at home. The game will then offer you one of the 600+ different tasks included here, so each time you get to have a different set of tasks to complete.
Sometimes there can be a Would You Rather challenge, other times you have to complete some very specific tasks.
Take turns and see who wins!
Every person that doesn’t complete his/her tasks will have little to no points.
Your focus is to try and complete every task and dare in order to get the highest score.
Winning in 2 Tipsy is a great opportunity, but you will have to work hard for it!
If you want a cool, fun drinking game and an exhilarating party game, 2 Tipsy is here for you.
Download it now and let the fun begin!

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