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Seller: Idea Apps, Inc.
Price: FREE

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Introduction to DubFlash

Is there a certain person in your life that you wish you could hear their voice even when they’re not around? Do you leave the house before your kids get up for school and wish that you could hear them say “Good Morning” or “I love you”. With DubFlash you can!

How does it work?

You will upload a video or audio clip of your loved one into the app and the clip will pop up on your phone at the pre-scheduled time. The app can be programmed, much like the alarm clock on your phone, to play at a certain time everyday, on certain days or just weekly or monthly.

Why is the app a game changer?

Not only can you upload a video or audio clip of your spouse or child saying “Good Morning”, the app actually has several uses. You could upload a clip of a parent telling you how proud they are of you. You can also gift the app, along with a special recording, to a loved one who can schedule the audio/video file to play whenever they want! Example would be sending a video to parents or grandparents letting them know how much you appreciate them and they can schedule it to play however often they need a reminder to brighten their day. The possibilities are endless.