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Duettina - Hayden Concertina

Seller: Michael Eskin
Price: 0.99

Download Duettina - Hayden Concertina free via AppsHawk.

Duettina is an easy-to-play, Hayden system duet concertina for the iPhone.

The Hayden system layout is very intuitive to learn to play, with the notes in scale order.

The left side is one octave below the right side. Scales walk from the left and right edges towards the center.

Two of the most common layout options are provided: mirror image and inverted.

To play, simply press the buttons. You may also slide your fingers between the buttons.

Multiple buttons may be pressed at the same time to play chords.

Touch the '?' button to cycle through the following layouts:

Mirror image with labels

Mirror image no labels

Inverted with labels

Inverted no labels

Uses high-quality per-note audio samples recorded from a premium concertina.

Icon image based on a beautiful R. Morse Beaumont Hayden Concertina