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Easy moment - Genuine - Connot

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- Record dreams and snores;
- Analysis of sleep status;
- Sleep music stops falling asleep;
-Smart alarm wakes up in the morning;

Apply to:
- Sleep music at night, automatically stops when you fall asleep;
- Exercise, fitness, night sleep after running;
- Insomnia, troublesome people who need lullaby help;
- Need to get rid of the morning waking up by the alarm clock;
- Effects of stress, anxiety, drinking, coffee, and staying up late on the quality of sleep;
- Understand sleep efficiency and quality, including deep sleep, submerged sleep, and length of sleep;

No need for other hardware support, sleep recognition algorithms are compared through a large number of professional sleep lab tests, and compared with professional ECG and EEG sleep monitoring equipment for deep sleep and light sleep data, support iOS7 or above, support multiple languages, support iPhone, iPhone X, iPad.