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Ephemeris Alarm

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Ephemeris Alarm for your stock trading

Contemporary astrology tells us that Mercury Retrogrades are frequently associated with Weak Investment Climate for the Stock Market...
how good would it be if you get an alert on your iPhone 1 day ahead the Mercury retrograde and be able to trim down your position and be protected against the potential market drop?
Similarly, everyone has a different Planet Ruler which rules his financial life. And now, with this iOS app, you can import all the retrograde dates of your Personal Planet Ruler and act to protect your financial assets before your personal Planet Ruler become weak in supporting your financial growth. Be alerted, be forewarned and most importantly, be able to act and protect your capital before the storm comes.

Besides being forewarned of your personal, weak financial growth times (and be able to protect your capital), if you are trading with my astro theory introduced in this Financial Astrology website and looking for an trineaspect(tm) set up, this app will tell you 5 minute to 3 days ahead of such set up and get you prepared for the trade.

This is a handy iOS app that you can set alarms on all the upcoming retrograde, new zodiac sign ingress, conjunction, square aspects, trine aspects, parallel on declination, maximum /minimum declination, on any or among any planets or Moon/ Sun/ Earth.

If you pay attention to moon a lot, you may also get an alert on every moon ingress, conjunction, square aspects, trine aspects, parallel on declination, maximum /minimum declination, all integrated in your apple calendar.

**while the app will not provide our setup signal directly, purchasers of Volume I & II of our astro book can utilize this iOS to properly generate the trineaspect(tm) setup signals via this app.

**we will as well inform your personal planet ruler upon you purchased the iOS app.

This is a must-own app if you believe in astrology or reply on astrology for your stock trading. It also helps you live wiser in this New Age of Aquarius.

below are the screen shots of this iOS app:
i) be automatically imported with the trineaspect(tm) trade set up and other chosen astro phenomena of your interest in your apple calendar
ii) get an alert 5min to 3 days ahead the concerned astro phenoma and get yourself ready for the according trade set up.

Purchase today at US$ 89.99 and be immersed in the astrology world!