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ESIMR: Clinical Case Challenge

Seller: Fluid Media Inc.
Price: FREE

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Dr John M O’Neill
Musculoskeletal Imaging Specialist
Associate Professor McMaster University/St Joseph’s Healthcare
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Dr Kim Legault
Assistant Professor
Division Rheumatology, Department Medicine
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada


Dr Stephanie Pritchett
Musculoskeletal Imaging Specialist
Assistant Professor Western University
London, Ontario, Canada

App Description:

This App provides an intuitive interactive review of 50 true real-life rheumatology cases from practising rheumatologists and radiologists. Case presentation are in varying formats from spot diagnosis to more extended case reviews covering all aspects of the essential imaging of rheumatology.

App Features:

4 sections are presented with varying clinical information. All cases are drawn from real clinical cases.
Section 1 is “Spot diagnosis” whereby one or more diagnostic images are presented and one formulates the best possible answer, sometimes easier said than done. There may be a differential and we will discuss how we chose the final diagnosis.
Section 2 , “Extended Cases”, are presented as close as possible to the real-life clinical presentation. This section opens with clinical history and physical examination findings, after which one is asked to first choose a differential diagnosis and then the most appropriate imaging. Imaging studies that were requested in this particular case by the rheumatologist are then presented for one to formulate a final diagnosis.
Section 3 ,“Short Cases”, diagnostic imaging studies are presented for review followed by the “real life” clinical information in that case. One should assess whether the initial diagnosis is altered when reviewed in addition to the clinical information
Section 4 are “Spot Cases” but with a little twist from those in section one.

Target Audience

Rheumatologists In Training
Radiologists In Training
Medical Students