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ESIMR: Uncovering The Hand Radiograph

Seller: Fluid Media Inc.
Price: FREE

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Dr John M O’Neill
Musculoskeletal Imaging Specialist
Associate Professor McMaster University/St Joseph’s Healthcare
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Dr Stephanie Pritchett
Musculoskeletal Imaging Specialist
Assistant Professor Western University
London, Ontario, Canada


Dr Kim Legault
Assistant Professor
Division Rheumatology, Department Medicine
McMaster University
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

App Description:

Uncover the secrets of the hand radiograph in rheumatology. This App provides an intuitive interactive personalized review of the essential imaging features of the hand radiograph from acquisition to interpretation. This app is the ideal educational tool for the medical student to the practicing clinician/radiologist and is structured to provide an excellent reference for all levels of experience. The App reviews all major rheumatological disorders of the hand.

App Features:

Section 1 Introduction To The Hand Radiograph
Section 2 Radiographic Basics
Section 3 Imaging Anatomy
Section 4 Key Imaging Features
Section 5 Approach To radiographic Interpretation
Section 6 The Arthritides
Section 7 Approach To Clinical Diagnosis
Section 8 Clinical Cases

Target Audience

Rheumatologists In Training
Radiologists In Training
Medical Students