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Seller: Charles Moore
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Create and maintain databases with records defined by a set of Fields. Add new Fields or delete Fields or re-order Fields at any time. Fields may be 'c'haracter, 'i'nteger or 'f'loating point with digits right of decimal point. Sort the records by specifying which Fields are to be sorted, major to minor. Display your data and the Fields by selecting which Fields and records are to be displayed, or all. Select which records are to be acted on by comparing the Fields in a record to another Field or constant using the keyboard symbols for less then, greater than, less then or equal, greater than or equal, equal. Report files by displaying subtotals on specified numeric Fields whenever a key Field changes, and totals at the end. Update the data Fields by specifying a key Field and which fields are to be added to or replaced. Extend specified Fields by specifying which Fields to extend and how, by specifying a Field +-*/ another Field or constant, i.e.: Total Field is Quantity Field * Price Field, etc. and much more. Save your database to a file, and retrieve it later.