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Eye color is a physical trait determined by the pairing of genes from both the parents. The baby inherits 50% of eye color genetics material from each of its parents. Genes mutate to give alternative forms called alleles, and each allele slightly differs from the other. There are three pairs of alleles responsible for eye color with each allele giving either brown, green or blue. The brown allele is dominant over green and blue; green is dominant over blue and blue is recessive.

The newborn's eye color depends on both the parents' eye color and whether the alleles are dominant or recessive. The child may get two dominant alleles from the parents, one dominant one recessive or two recessive alleles.

The child will have brown eyes if it receives a recessive allele (blue) from one parent and a dominant allele (brown) from the other parent.
Baby blue eyes depends if it receives blue alleles from both the parents. Since blue is recessive and there is no dominant allele, the child will have blue eyes.

The child will have green eyes if it receives green alleles from both the parents or one green and one blue allele.

Most of the babies born with blue eyes because the newborns take time for producing the pigment melanin.