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Eyeful Inspiration Cards

Seller: Anna Skold
Price: FREE

Download Eyeful Inspiration Cards free via AppsHawk.

Train your ability to focus on the bright side of life!

This deck of inspirational cards makes it easier for you to look for what are wanting to see more of in your life! Start looking, on the inside and outside and you will find abundance, love, ease, possibilities and other things that are pleasing to you!

Pick a card that resonates with you. Tap on the card to zoom in to full screen. Then swipe on the card to access its backside. There you'll find a short inspirational text that will get you started with ease! Schedule reminders for continuous focus during your day!

You can save, print (low-res), share via email or post your focus card on social media directly through the app.

The app is available in English and Swedish. The card deck contains 26 cards. If you have suggestions about more great things to look for, please send an email to:

Check out Thoughtful eye's app relative “Thoughtful app” on the App Store or at